3 Steps and Must-Dos in Hiring Virtual Workers

Hiring Virtual Workers Must-Dos

In this modern day where technology and the internet have advanced, online communication has greatly improved. Computer applications are increasing in number and efficiency, and there becomes a wide list of choices for making businesses work.

Because of these and many other advantages, businesses have shifted from staying in the office to working remotely from home. Working at the comfort of their home becomes an ideal place to work for many businesses now-a-days. Some of them already abandon the idea of going back to the office-based work place.

This is becoming a trend now, and as this number increases, the need for virtual workers also increases. Now, to be guided, there are new and improved techniques needed for hiring the best virtual workers who fit the jobs and work productively on them. In this post, we’ll go through these and determine whether the applicants are perfect for the remote jobs.

hiring virtual workers must-dos

Determine Candidates’ Traits

A research has been performed at Cornell University’s Center for Advanced Human Resources Studies. They looked at nine Fortune 500 companies including Cisco Systems, IBM, General Mills, Citigroup, where 50% of the average employees work virtually.

They found that the essential traits that affect teleworkers’ performance are: Employees need to be self-motivated and self-disciplined, resourceful, results-oriented, effective communicators, and technologically well-informed.
You can identify these critical traits as you read the applicant’s cover letter:

  • Does the candidate write articulately?
  • Does he or she point out the company’s mission, the position’s requirements, and your needs?

When you see that the candidate answers all these, you can tell that the he or she knows what your needs are and can take greater responsibility for his or her work.

Find out the Intentions of the Candidate

Usually, happy remote employees are the result of not wanting to be stuck in traffic and spend much on commutes and attires.

They are the ones who look for a better work and life balance, and they are more likely to take the extra mile and be more productive in their job if they could work from home.

You will need to identify if the candidate possesses this drive by asking them in the interview this question,

“Why do you want to work from home?”

It is important that the applicant’s answer shows a result of a factor that motivates his or her desire to do the job at home, and indicates what is valuable to him or her. This will start their commitment and goal to succeed.

Test the Candidate’s Skills and Personality

Lastly, talk to the candidate about his or her skill set. Ask them about their expertise and how long they have been practicing that specific skill you are looking for. When they don’t seem to answer your questions in a way that shows their ability, move on.

For applicants that do have the skills, go ahead and test them in that specific skill. For example, if you’re seeking resourcefulness, communication, and time-management skills, give them a research exercise before the final interview. Then ask them to report their findings to you through the screen.

When the candidate passes the skills test, you can finally get to know a bit more of their personality. They have to be employees whom you could potentially work with for the long term. This final part can help make sure that you have hired a reliable virtual worker who really fits the job you’re offering.

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