Why Hire Remote Workers?

Hire Remote Workers

Are you looking to hire remote workers? Not sure about giving it a go? Find out why you should! In this post, we’ll show you the benefits of having remote workers for your business.

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Higher Productivity

When Yahoo announced that they will end their remote work program, people have debated about the performance of virtual teams versus those working in the office.

From then on, these topics certainly made big headlines:

  • Remote workers tend to log more hours
  • Virtual teams are actually more engaged

According to a study by Cisco in 2009, which surveyed 2000 employees about virtual teams,

“Approximately 69 percent of the employees surveyed cited higher productivity when working remote, and 75 percent of those surveyed said the timeliness of their work improved.”

Of course, communication is important when working with teams, so how did they do that remotely? Here were Cisco’s study results:

“By telecommuting, 83 percent of employees said their ability to communicate and collaborate with co-workers was the same as, if not better than, it was when working on-site.”

Having most of the virtual workers say that remote communication has enhanced with their co-workers, we can tell that remote work can be as successful as it can in an office work.

Access to High Quality and Happier Workers

With the virtual world, you are not limited to just your city when you want to hire the best talent. With this in mind, there is a high chance that you will get the most passionate people who deliver high-quality results that you need for your business.

In many cases, virtual workers love what they do and strive to deliver first-rate products, especially when given flexible hours to work.

Richard Branson, billionaire founder of Virgin Group, proudly says he does not work in an office and that he never will. He is an outspoken advocate for flexible work arrangements and lets his employees decide where and when to work. He says,

“Give your people freedom to be independent, and your business will reap the rewards.”

Take that from the billionaire himself. When workers do have this freedom, they will be happier, and that’s a positive for your business.

Your business and your employees can save money

Being stuck in traffic and taking long commutes can really be stressing for anyone, even for employees. With remote workers, you take that stress away from them and they have more hours for the day and that makes them very happy.
When employees are happy, it adds more willingness for them to go the extra mile when needed. It also increases their willingness to stay with your company for the long term, which then reduces costly employee turnover spending.

Additionally, sick days and unplanned absences will lessen with virtual workers. This is because when they are sick, they can still work in the comfort of their home and they won’t spread illnesses to coworkers. If they do choose to continue working, this will keep your business running.

Also, as your business grows, you will save money by not spending so much on costly office rooms, and buildings.
Not only you are saving but your virtual employees also are. They will save money by not commuting too much and not spending greatly on office attire.

In Conclusion

Taking these benefits to both employers and employees into consideration, we can say that the number of remote workers is not going to decrease anytime soon. Instead, they are rising in popularity each day. Their number has grown by 103% since 2005. There are 3.7 million employees now working from home at least part time.

These workers have helped many businesses grow, and they can make your business flourish too. With Off2VA, the search for these workers becomes quicker and easier. We help you find the best fit to make both your employee and your company prosper. Hire remote workers today!

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